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Finding suitable accommodation is not always simple, especially when you are searching for an apartment prior to your departure and cannot have a look at the sites by yourself.


Therefore, we thank all previous Canadian participants who have provided the following homepages to support you search for accommodation:





Boardwalk Rental Communities

Edmonton Kijiji Roommates

Edmonton Kijiji Apartments For Rent


University of Alberta Off Campus Housing

Rent Edmonton

UofA International Student Network (UAISN) - for housing options, job postings and activities on campus



Calgary Student Accommodation

University of Calgary Residence Services

Calgary Kijiji

Rent Faster


University of Lethbridge Housing Services

Lethbridge Kijiji




Olds College Housing Services

Tips and Hints

 - Please be aware that your accommodation will cost between $550-$850 for a one bedroom apartment,
   up to $550 for a shared flat.

 - Renting directly from an apartment complex is more expensive than subletting a room.

 - The closer it is to the university, the more expensive it will be.

 - Double check if you can stay in student accommodations on campus.

 - In Calgary, good neighborhoods include Varsity, Kensington, Parkdate, Dalhousie, Sunnyside.

 - Sign a lease agreement specifying the price, length and terms of your stay.

 - Ask whether the rent includes utilities (gas, power, water, internet).

 - Determine whether laundry appliances are provided.

 - Check accessibility to your host organization. Can you walk there? Take the train or bus?

 - Inspect the unit before signing the lease agreement and note any previous damage in your lease prior to

 - Research the location of the accommodation.

 - Choose roommates carefully.

 - It is standard practice in Edmonton to pay a damage deposit equal or less than the cost of one month’s
   rent that will be returned to you upon departure if no damage has been made.


If you have not found a suitable arrangement prior to arrival in Canada, you may consider temporary accommodation for a short period. Hostelling International is an affordable option near campus, normally accommodating visits for a maximum of three weeks.


You may additionally use the ASiiA Facebook page to contact Germans who are currently in Alberta and about to leave or Canadian participants to find something suitable.


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