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In preperation for your internship abroad, you must acquire enough insurance coverage for your stay abroad, including departure and arrival.

Required insurance types include:

  - Health insurance coverage in case of illness

  - Personal liability insurance coverage in case of negligence

  - Accident insurance coverage in case of injury


Health Insurance

Many health insurance policies include coverage abroad. Please ensure that your insurance coverage for time spent abroad includes the entire duration of your internship. If this is not already the case, please extend your insurance coverage to include your entire period abroad with departure and arrival back to Germany. Some insurance policies do not include health insurance coverage during a working stay abroad. It is important to read the terms and conditions of your insurance policy very carefully to ensure this is not the case.

If additional or new insurance is required, insurance companies often have reasonable offers.


Please note: Private insurance companies do not usually offer Social Security Agreements within Europe or worldwide – please check with your current insurance provider regarding your policy’s coverage for time spent abroad! If you suffer from an acute or a chronic illness, you will need to purchase additional insurance for additional coverage.


Accident Insurance

In most countries within the European Union, accident insurance coverage is provided in the work place by the host organization or company. At this point, we cannot confirm whether this is also the case at your host organization. Please consult with your host organization or company about these matters prior to beginning your internship in Canada. It is also recommended to acquire additional private insurance in the case of an accident outside of your workplace that is valid throughout Canada.


Personal Liability Insurance

During your internship, including arrival and departure, you will need to ensure that you have private liability insurance that is valid in Canada; there is also the option of purchasing a comprehensive insurance package from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD, see next point). The regulations regarding coverage at your internship facility apply in conjunction with those regarding accident insurance.

Acquiring Insurance

For most students, providing proof that they have sufficient  insurance to cover them during their internship abroad might prove to be a difficult task. Luckily, many insurance providers offer reasonably priced monthly comprehensive insurance packages including accident, health and liability insurance. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers combined insurance for participants of various internship programs that can be purchased from the DAAD Insurance Office. Insurance papers for interns can be downloaded online or requested from the DAAD directly either over the phone or email.


Contact information for the DAAD Insurance Office:


Address: Kennedyallee 50, 53175 Bonn,

Tel: 0228/882-294 or -400,-505,-630

Fax: 0228/882-620



It is always a good idea to compare insurance coverage policies offered by different insurance providers to find your best option.


Many private insurance providers allow personal liability or accident insurance packages to be purchased separately.  For regulations regarding health insurance, please contact your health insurance provider as they may be able to offer you additional private insurance if necessary. ADAC also offers long-term health insurance abroad. More information on rates, as well as application forms can be found on the ADAC website.


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