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The ASiiA program is open to eligible Alberta students from participating Campus Alberta institutions.

The following institutions are currently actively participating in the ASiiA program:

    - MacEwan University

    - the University of Alberta

    - Olds College

    - the University of Lethbridge

    - SAIT: Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

    - the University of Calgary


In addition to the above institutions, all eligible Campus Alberta institutions are invited to participate in the ASiiA program. Institutions interested in joining ASiiA should contact the Alberta Coordinating Office at


Please see below for a list of Eligible Alberta Post-Secondary Institutions along with details of who to contact if you are interested in particpating in ASiiA.


Comprehensive Academic and Research Institutions

    - Athabasca University

    - The University of Alberta  - Contact Ciara Murrin at

    - The University of Calgary - Contact Colleen Packer at

    - The University of Lethbridge - Contact Diane Minamide at


Independent Academic Institutions

   - Ambrose University College - Contact Shelly Sylvester at

   - Canadian University College - Contact Mark Froese at

   - Concordia University of Edmonton - Contact Philipa Hardy at

   - The King’s University College - Contact Roy Berkenbosch at

   - St. Mary’s University College - Contact Mark Charlton at

Baccalaureate and Applied Studies Institutions

   - MacEwan University - Contact Nina Delling at

   - Mount Royal University - Contact Dianne MacDonald at


Polytechnical Institutions

   - Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) - Contact Patric Sullivan at

   - Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT Polytechnic) - Contact Laura Lavigne at


Specialized Arts and Culture Institutes

   - Alberta College of Art & Design - Contact Marc Scholes at

Comprehensive Community Institutions

   - Grande Prairie Regional College - Contact Gordon Pellerin at

   - Keyano College - Contact Gracie Maynard at

   - Bow Valley College - Contact Pat Bidart at

   - Lethbridge College - Contact Karis Pauly at

   - Olds College - Contact Pablo Ortiz at

   - Red Deer College - Contact Trent Rix at

   - Lakeland College - Contact

   - Medicine Hat College - Contact Kristina Segall at

   - Norquest College - Contact Leah Iszakovits at

   - Northern Lakes College - Contact Cindy Lorincz at

   - Portage College - Contact Bonita Decaire at

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