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The application process includes the following:

1.It is mandatory that prospective applicants contact their local international office/designated
before applying. 


2. To apply for the program, applicants should submit the following documents to their international
     office/designated coordinator:

       - Cover Letter. Please refer to this template for creating a successful cover letter

       - Resume

       - Official Transcript

       - One reference letter – individual hosts or institutions may request/require more

       - Official ASiiA Application Form

Application Deadlines

Students must submit an application for the program about 6 months prior to the start of their internship. Please see expected application timelines below:


Winter placements (Jan – April) - Complete applications should be submitted by end of July

Summer placements (May – Aug) - Complete applications should be submitted by end of December

Fall placements (Sept – Dec) - Complete applications should be submitted by end March

These application deadlines are only applicable when no internship placement offer has been made yet.

If you have already received an internship placement offer, please ignore these deadlines.


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