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Applicants have the option of applying online through the Canadian Embassy in Vienna or through the Visa Application Centre in Dusseldorf (information can be found at Priority is given to applications received online through the Canadian Embassy in Vienna.


Important Information

- Please make sure the keyword “ASiiA” is visible at the top of your work permit application form in
  order to process your application quickly and efficiently.

- It can take at least 4 weeks to complete the work permit application process, therefore you need to
  apply as early as you can.

- Incomplete applications will not be accepted or processed.

- ASiiA participants do not have to pay a fee for their work permit application. During the course of the
  online application, participants are requested to provide proof that their application is fee-exempt.
  Please upload the Work Permit Fee Exemption Request Letter ("Visa Application Letter") provided
  by the ASiiA coordinator in Saxony.

- You will receive more information about the process by email from the ASiiA coordinator in Saxony.

Receiving your Work Permit

You will first receive a document by email from the Canadian Embassy confirming your approved work permit. Please read and print this document, containing your work permit details, and keep it alongside your passport during travel to Canada. When you arrive at the airport in Alberta, you must present your Work Permit Confirmation and Passport to the Border Services Officer at the Port of Entry. The officer will then issue your valid work permit.


Please make sure that all information on the newly issued work permit is correct and that the number in the top right corner is clearly legible. Otherwise, this can cause problems when you apply for your Social Insurance Number (SIN).

Please make sure to scan and send your work permit to within the first 2 weeks of your arrival in Canada.

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