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The Alberta-Saxony Internship Program offers you a great way to meet short term staffing needs with talented individuals. This unique opportunity allows your organization to host an Alberta student for normally three – six months. Sometimes  internship placements can be longer if both student and host organization come to an agreement. These work experience opportunities play an essential role in students' professional development and give them critical life and professional skills.


In addition to a work placement, students will be supported in finding short-term accommodation and will be provided with an orientation and intercultural activities throughout their stay in Saxony. Internship students are in their third, fourth, or final year of an undergraduate-level program, new graduates, or in a Masters or PhD program. They come from diverse backgrounds including engineering, international relations, life and physical sciences, arts, or applied programs.


Qualification of Prospective Interns

   - 3rd or 4th year students, or recent graduates (they will have completed 3 full-time terms at their Alberta institution)

   - Good academic standing

   - Good German language skills



   - Work placements are normally three to six months.

   - Internship opportunities can be submitted at any time of the year. However, position start dates are generally set to begin in January,
      May, or September in order to avoid large breaks between internship completion and the following semester's classes.



Internships can be paid or unpaid. If unpaid, it is expected that the employer will provide some other type of compensation ie; provide transit passes, meals, accomodation. As an internship employer, your responsibilities are no different than hiring any temporary employee.


The Alberta-Saxony Coordinating Office in Saxony will monitor progress of the Alberta intern in your company and will follow up with the supervisor during and after the work term to ensure your satisfaction with the intern.


Health Insurance

Alberta-Saxony participants come prepared with health insurance and personal liability insurance.



The organization is not required to secure valid work permits for the Alberta intern. Interns receive assistance from the Alberta-Saxony Internship Coordinators in Alberta and Saxony.


To host an intern please complete this company and job description form and send to

Specific objectives for the host organizations

    - Make use of the knowledge and skills of the trainee in order to carry out projects or research-related tasks.

    - Find new business opportunities abroad through the network of the trainee and the project partners.

    - Further develop intercultural skills through the cooperative work with the trainee and the network partners.

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