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Whether your internship is paid or unpaid, it is very important that you make a budget and spend money with this budget in mind. Saxony students should be prepared with savings and not expect to rely solely on the payment they receive from their host organization. Alberta has a higher cost of living than Saxony, therefore, students should prepare as best they can for these additional expenses.


Estimated Expenses Per Month in Alberta


Rent (including utilities, with at least one roommate)  $450 - $900 (315€ - 630€)

Groceries                                                                     $250 - $400 (175€ - 280€)

Public Transit Pass (student rate)                                          $81 (57€)

Total                                                                              $781 - $1,381(547€ - 967€)


PLEASE NOTE: This estimated budget does not allow for entertainment or leisure and does not include flight costs, insurance or purchasing household items.

For information on scholarships, please click here.

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