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In addition to your internship placement, the ASiiA Coordinating Office in Saxony organizes a

number of different cultural events throughout the year to foster your learning about the region.

ASiiA participants are highly encouraged to participate in these events in order to broaden your

perspective and enrich your experience here in Saxony.


German ASiiA participants are also encouraged to attend these events so that they may meet and greet with Albertan participants and contribute to the ASiiA community. All ASiiA participants are welcome, prospective, current, and alumni. Come join us!


Cultural Program-Upcoming Events
Saxon Switzerland + Bio Company + Chocolate Factory

Saturday, March 21, 2015

We will enjoy the scenery and hike through the area to explore this lovely national park just outside of Dresden. On the way, we will also visit a BIO Company which produces much of the "BIO" branded items you see at your local grocery store in the region. They must uphold the highest standards for their food to ensure it is organic and not chemically altered. We will also be visiting a chocolate factory in Thürmsdorf! More details.
















Stadtmuseum Dresden Welcome Event

Friday, May 15, 2015

This event will welcome the Albertan students to the program and introduce them to Dresden from the medieval times until present day. With the participation of Saxon ASiiA partcipants, this will also act as an intercultural experience where both sets of students can meet and learn from each other’s perspectives. We hope that by the end of this event, students from both sides will have learned about their fellow students and that the Albertan students will have been introduced to Dresden as a city. More details.


Dresden Transportation

Friday, June 5, 2015

A guided tour of Dresden's Volkswagen Transparent Factory, followed by a picnic at Großer Garten. The theme of German transportation continues with a visit to the Verkehrsmuseum (Transport Museum). More details. 


















Paddle Rafting in the Elbe + Königstein Fortress

July 17, 2015

Explore and hike through this beautiful national park just 30 mins outside of Dresden. Participants will go on a 2-hour paddle rafting ride from Schmilka to Königstein, followed by a short hike to the Königstein Fortress. Participants may also enjoy a nice picnic along the Elbe valley afterwards. More details.

















Chemnitz City and Schloßlichtenwalde

September 19th 2015

Our first event of the fall takes us to the city of Chemnitz. This city was the industrial centre for Saxony in the 19th century. We will be spending the morning exploring the Villa Esche, a Art Nouveau styled house designed by Henry van de Velde in 1902. In the afternoon we will be exploring the Lichtenwalde Castle and Gardens just outside the city. More details



















Brewery Museum Tour

November 11th 2015

In the afternoon we will take a trip to learn about one of Germany's most known and enjoyed exports: Beer. We will visit the Saxon Brewery Museum in the town of Rechenberg-Bienmühle for a two hour long tour followed by a tasting. More details

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