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Receiving Your Work Permit

You will first receive a document by email confirming your approved work permit. Please read and print this document, containing your work permit details, and keep it alongside your passport during travel to Canada. When you arrive at the airport in Alberta, you must present your Work Permit Confirmation and Passport to the Border Services Officer at the Port of Entry. The officer will then issue your valid work permit.


Please make sure that all information on the newly issued work permit is correct and that the number in the top right corner is clearly legible. Otherwise, this can cause problems when you apply for your Social Insurance Number (SIN).


*Please make sure to scan and send your work permit to within the first 2 weeks of your arrival in Canada.

Acquiring Your Social Insurance Numer (SIN)

Upon arrival in Alberta, you must apply for a Social Insurance Number in order to receive payment from your employer. With this, you must bring your passport and your work permit, issued at the airport, to the nearest Service Canada location. There you can apply for your SIN number and if your SIN application meets the proper requirements, you will receive your "Confirmation of SIN Letter" in the mail. Please do this at your earliest convenience.

Getting a Cell Phone Plan and Number                                                          

Most convenient service providers for students:


Virgin Mobile


Solo Mobile

Check online or instore to compare rates. If you are in Alberta for a short period of time, we would suggest that you get a Pay As You Go plan. Mobile contracts in Canada are usually a minimum of 2 years so we do not recommend signing any contracts. Please be aware that phone plans cost significantly more in Canada than in Germany.

Please make sure that incoming calls are included in your plan.

Beware of using your parents’ credit card to pay for your phone. If there is a problem or you need to cancel the plan, many companies will contact the credit card owner which can cause difficulties when trying to solve problems quickly. Late payment on phone bills negatively affects your credit score in Canada.


Ensure you are not charged for features you do not use such as call waiting, three way calling. Also, be aware of how much you will be charged if you use more minutes than included in your phone plan.


Calling cards can be purchased at any convenience store.


If you wish to purchase a SIM card, your phone needs to be unlocked prior to coming to Canada. If you go to a store and purchase the card there will be an activation fee.


Opening a Bank Account      

Banks in Alberta:








In order to open a bank account, you will need to bring your passport and SIN Card to the branch of your choosing. You may need to bring other documents depending on which bank you choose, so please check all requirements on the bank's website.

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