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I'm an international student, can I participate?

​International students may apply if they fulfill the Alberta residency requirement which is:

     - born in Alberta 

     - student who has graduated from a high school in Alberta or

     - lived in Alberta for 12 consecutive months


Can Co-op students receive Co-op credit for this internship?

Co-op students may receive credit for this internship. Ensure you discuss the program with your Faculty Co-op advisor.   We can provide information to the Co-op office at your home institution to help facilitate credit evaluation for students.


Where can I go?

The internships are within organizations within the Free State of Saxony, Germany. Major cities include Dresden, Leipzig, and Chemnitz.


How do I find my own internship in Saxony?

Past partcipants on this program have successfully located great internship placements on their own.  Once you have been approved to be a participant on the program, you should immediatley begin researching the Saxony region for companies, universities and organisations in your desired field where you would be interested in gaining work experience.  You can contact the companies directly via email, introducing yourself as a particpant on the ASiiA program (provide a link to this website) and stating your interest in a placement within their organisation. You must copy on all correspondence with potential placement providers.  The Saxony office will be able to provide some assistance in the search for a placement.


What happens if I am unable to find a placement?

You should spend 8 weeks actively seeking an internship placement, if after 8 weeks you have been unable to locate a suitable placement, you will be given the choice to either defer to a new time period (ie: Fall if originally desired a Summer placement) or withdraw from the program.


How long/ when do these internships take place?

Each placement is 3.5 months long. Positions have a varying start date and may be organized to coincide with your academic semesters.


I have already graduated from my home intuition, can I still apply?

Yes, recently graduated students are eligible to apply and participate in the program for up to ONE year after graduation.  For example, if you graduated in June 2013, you have until June 2014 to apply and complete an internship placement.


Are internships paid or unpaid?

Both.  Most internship placements will be unpaid; however, paid internships are sometimes available.  Being open to unpaid internship placements will broaden the opportunities available to you.   


Will I need a visa?

Yes, you will require a Visa to work in Germany.  Please read our 'Preparation Process' page for information on Visas.


Is there a deadline to apply?

There is no specific deadline to apply for this program, however, if you are applying for one of the current postings (hyperlink to current postings), it may specify a deadline for the position.  We ask that you apply at least 3 months before you intend to depart – this is because it can take some time to arrange placements, accommodation and Visas.


Where can I get more information?

Students can refer to their international centers or study abroad offices at their home institutions. You can also connect with program alumni on Facebook.  We really encourage the ASiiA community members (past, present and future ASiiA interns) to exchange information through the Facebook group and organize group activities and events to make the experience abroad truly worthwhile. Whether it be by attending cultural activities or internship cafés, reach out and connect with the community!


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