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Placement Agreement

The placement agreement is your ASiiA internship contract. It is an agreement between the trainee, the host organization and the ASiiA coordinating office in Saxony.

Your contract  clarifies important items such as:


   - Information about your host organization.

   - The main tasks you will be asked to fulfill.

   - The type of support and supervision you can expect from your tutor.

   - The requirements of the company in terms of knowledge, skills and language proficiency that the
      trainee should possess.

   - The salary and/or non-monetary benefits the host company agrees to.

   - The rights and responsibilities of each party.


Your placement agreement can only be created once the ASiiA coordinating office in Saxony has received these 3 fully-completed documents at


   1. ASiiA Application Form (information about the trainee). This form is meant to be filled out by the
       internship applicant.

   2. Company Data and Job Description Form (information about the company and the job). This

       form is meant to be filled out by the host company.


You will receive your Placement Agreement by email for your work permit application.

Final Documents

Every ASiiA participant is required to provide both ASiiA Coordinating Offices in Saxony and in Alberta with the following final documents:


    1. Mid-term Evaluation Form

    2. Final Evaluation Form

    3. A copy of your letter of reference from your employer. Please ensure that your start and end 
      dates are clearly specified on your letter of reference, also please ensure a brief evaluation is
      included and it is signed by your tutor.


These documents are required to be submitted within 2 weeks of completing your ASiiA Internship.




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