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Once you have been officially selected as an ASiiA participant by the ASiiA coordinating office in Alberta, then you may start searching for an internship. Placement opportunities can be found in Corporations, Nonprofit Organizations, Research Institutions or University Departments.

There are two ways that you can secure an internship placement:

   - apply for an internship position posted on this website

   - research and solicit your own placement

Applying for a Posted Position

This website is updated and current with job offers for Alberta participants. If your field of study is not represented in the current postings, the ASiiA coordinator in Saxony will work with you to find a suitable placement. Therefore, please ensure that you clearly indicate your field of study in your application.

Applying for Your Own Internship

If you are interested in finding a placement outside of the positions posted online, you can research 5-8 possible hosts that you would like to work with in Saxony. You are suggested to begin your research by:

    - Consulting the list of all past host organizations under the ASiiA program. Please get in touch  
       with the ASiiA coordinator in Saxony if you are interested in interning with one of these
       companies and they will provide you with their contact information or forward your application

    - Consulting job sites for listed internships

    - Conducting individual research and applying directly to potential internship hosts that do not have
       placement available currently

Once you have identified possible internship hosts, the proposed hosts can be sent to the ASiiA coordinating office in Saxony who will then assist you with reaching out to these companies. The LEONARDO-OFFICE SAXONY will follow up on your application within two weeks of your initial contact of the company.

If you are unable to identify possible hosts, you are encouraged to contact the ASiiA coordinator in Saxony for advice and assistance in identifying possible hosts.

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Finding an Internship:

- Be proactive and start your search for a placement early.

- Clarify your professional goals. Tailor-make each cover letter illustrating achievements, skills and
  experience relevant to the position and/or host organization.

- Make it clear why you want to work with this company.

- Work in cooperation with us by researching the companies that you are interested in.

- The more potential employers you contact, the higher your chances are of finding a placement.

- Get in contact with the ASiiA Community on Facebook to exchange information about placement

- Promptly answer all emails from coordinating offices in Alberta and Saxony.


Documents Required for Finding a Placement

First impressions are important! Writing a good, concise cover letter and resume can make all the difference! The ASiiA coordinators have created a few templates for your use. Please follow these templates when reaching out to potential employers.

         - Email Template

         - Cover Letter Template

         - Europass Resume Template

         - Official Transcript

         - Reference Letter

         - ASiiA Information Flyer, include in your email the flyer to give the host company a
           general overview about the ASiiA program.

Job Search Resources

Please review the following job websites for potential internship opportunities.

Invest in Saxony (There are 5 available PDF links containing many companies and institutions)

IHK Sachsen

Stellenticket TU Dresden

Toy town Germany

Bundesagentur für Arbeit

Mein Praktikum

Praktikum Anzeigen

Uni und Berufstart

Next Steps If An Offer Has Been Made:

- Be sure that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions of your internship, including but
   not limited to job tasks, working conditions, location, length of internship and workweeks.

-  It is strongly recommended that you and your employer speak via Skype, or by phone at least once
   before you accept an internship to clarify mutual expectations.


If You Accept The Internship Offer:

-Please inform the ASiiA coordinator in Alberta and in Saxony of your accepted offer. You will need to
  send the Company Data and Job Description Form to your employer to be filled out and sent

- Once the forms are completed and received, the ASiiA coordinator in Saxony will create an ASiiA
   Internship Agreement that will be sent to you. You will need this to apply for a Youth Mobility Visa.

- It can take at least 4 weeks to complete the visa application process, therefore you need to
  apply as early as you can.

If No Offer Has Been Made:

Unfortunately, if you are unable to find a suitable internship for your desired time frame, you will have to consider postponing your internship to a later term. Please inform the ASiiA coordinator in Saxony if you are available to start an internship at a later date.


                       Best Of Luck In Your Search, It Will Be Worth It!
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