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Job Search Resources


Please review the following websites for potential internship opportunities. Should you decide to apply for any internship position, please:


- Ensure that you meet most of the qualifications asked for in the job posting

- Confirm that the position is located in Alberta

- Ensure that international interns are welcome to apply

- Attach an ASiiA information flyer to each of your application emails and state that you will have a valid
 work permit because of the ASiiA Program Agreement


Alberta Job Offer Boards:


Alberta Engineering Internships




City of Edmonton Student Jobs


University of Alberta Career and Placement Services (CaPS)


Alberta Job Center


Governement of Alberta


You can also check out the following links:


Chamber of Commerce - Edmonton


Chamber of Commerce - Calgary


*Contacting a professional association in your field of work is another idea to have access to a professional network and perhaps job opportunities.


Organizations in Alberta Who Have Hosted German Interns Between 2010-2016

You can look at this list to find out where previous ASiiA interns have completed internships.

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