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ASiiA Handbook


The ASiiA Handbook is a refence guide that can be used at different stages of your experience: before, during and after your internship in Alberta or Saxony.


Broaden your perspective about your host country and your home country by reading what other students have written. Not only does it present insightful, and often humourous quotes from our Alumni but it also gives you tips on a variety of subjects to help you have a successful and meaningful experience with the ASiiA program.


So please, check out what previous ASiiA interns found shocking, meaningful, and humourous about their experiences during their internships and living abroad.


Facebook Group


Meeting and exchanging with other ASiiA participants (previous, current and future) is an important key to a successful internship abroad.


The Alberta-Saxony Internship Facebook Group has been set up by former participants and has many active members who share information and help each other out.


Join the group now!



ASiiA Participant 2012, Ashton Paulitsch

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