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All applicants from Saxony who fit the criteria listed below will be accepted into the Alberta–Saxony Intercultural Internship Alliance (ASiiA) program. However, being accepted into the program does not automatically mean having an internship placement. A nomination gives you the chance to be an active member of  the ASiiA community and contribute to it with your ideas and your support to other ASiiA participants, both Canadian and German, and have the opportunity to find an internship in Alberta.


The Selection of ASiiA Participants Is Based on the Following Criteria:


1. Submitting fully completed application documents and forms before application deadlines


2. Having German citizenship or being entitled to BAföG. Please refer to § 8 of the BAföG Act 

    (Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz) for more details.


3. Being a full-time registered student or recent graduate in a Bachelor, Master, Diplom, Magister or 
    PhD program at a Saxony partner university of the ASiiA consortium. Click here for a link to the list
    of eligible higher education institutions.

      *Please note that Bachelor students must have completed a minimum of 3 semesters before        
       starting an ASiiA internship

      * Recent graduates must submit their applications within one year after de-registering                    
        ("Exmatrikulation"). In some cases, exceptions can be made.


4. Providing proof of registration or de-registration from the sending university ("Nachweis der           
    Immatrikulation oder Graduierung").


5. Showing proof of the recommendation ("Emfehlung") from a faculty professor. See page 4 of the
    ASiiA application form ("Bewerbungsformular").


6. Showing proof of sufficient English knowledge and skills by writing a quality motivation letter and
    by providing a language certificate or a Europass Language Passport.


7. Defining clear goals and demonstrating a high degree of motivation to carry out an internship in


8. Showing motivation and committment to actively participate in the ASiiA Community and
    supporting the growth and success of the ASiiA program.


9. Demonstrating initiative and pro-actively searching an internship placement in Alberta.


10. Not having an internship placement at the time of application does not prevent an applicant from
      being accepted into the ASiiA program. However, having a prior agreement with a host
      organization is beneficial.


11. Having previously received a Grant from other internship programs such as ERASMUS + or
      LEONARDO does not prevent an applicant from being accepted into the ASiiA program. 


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