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The Alberta-Saxony Internship Program supports Alberta, Canada and Saxony, Germany interests by focusing on young leaders involved in research, technology and business practices in a wide variety of areas including, Health, Energy, Environment, Education and Economic development. 2010 marked its inaugural year.


The Alberta-Saxony Internship Program is an opportunity for Albertan students to work in Saxony and for Saxon students to work in Alberta.  It allows the exchange of bright and talented students from both regions to complete a research or industry placement.  These work experience opportunities play an essential role in students' professional development and give them critical life and professional skills.


















Placements are with corporations, not-for-profit agencies, universities, and small businesses.  Participants are in their third, fourth, or final year of an undergraduate-level program, new graduates, or in a Masters or PhD program.


The internship is directly associated with the interns’ field of study and is in line with their career goals.  If you are an employer who is interested in hosting an Alberta-Saxony participant, please click here for more information.

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